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War Story and other RaTS pieces

(Edited to add: I've decided to post date this so it will stay near the top.)

Hi guys.  I've been doing some writing lately here runaway_tales and I thought I'd let the rest of my friends read.  For convenience, I'm putting up the links in order and as I write them (or fairly close to when I write them.)

Now if you go in the order of these links you'll read them in order.  :D

Here are some outside of canon pieces from the same setting:

And I'm putting an AU Jackson Xenobia story there too.
And if you ever just want to go to the community and see what I've done, the author tag is lauri.  If you see any issues let me know.
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Writer's Bingo Card Post

When you have finished your Bingo Card, post a link to it here.  You might also want at that point to comment in the sign-up post that you've made your card so you don't need anymore prompts. :D

Congratulations on making it this far, and good luck in March, April, and May!
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Writer's Bingo Writing Rules

I decided to go ahead and post it now since I had some time!  Here are the rules for the pieces you write for Bingo.  If you have any questions about these rules, feel free to ask in the comments, or message me.

1) Post your pieces to your own LJ.  You can cross-post it in other places as well, if you wish, but please post a master copy in your LJ.
2) Every piece has to be at least 100 words.  If you're writing poetry for a prompt and wish to put together a few smaller poems that all respond to the same prompt, you can as long as the total comes up to 100 words.
3) Only one prompt (from your card) for each piece you post.  You can use prompts from other lists in addition to the one for your card if you want, however, only 1 prompt can be from your bingo card.
4) You must have a heading to your work that includes the prompt you used and the word count.  Also if the piece is not safe for work, please indicate this in the heading and make sure the piece is behind a cut.  Anything else you want to include in your heading is fine, just make sure the prompt, word count, are included.
5) Suggestions:  These aren't rules exactly, just friendly suggestions.  Use LJ-cuts or spoilers to keep longer works from clogging up your friends list feed (and your friends' friends list feed).  If you feel like a piece might need a warning or trigger, please put that in the heading and use a cut or spoiler as well.
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Writer's Bingo Sign-Up!

Hi guys!  Here is where you sign up!  I'm including the sign-up rules below, as well as a guide to follow when you comment. The rules for writing your pieces are here.

I hope these are clear, if you have any questions message me, please do not ask them in comments here.  I promise I don't bite. :D

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That's pretty much it.  So sign up, give prompts, and generally have a wonderful February!  I hope to see your pieces come March!
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Writer's Bingo Event!

After long thought and consideration, I have decided to host a Writers' Bingo. Sign ups will begin in a few days, and run through February. The event itself will run from March through May.

The basic rules are simple, at the beginning of February I will start a sign-up post. Comment on that post to sign up for the event. As other people sign-up, or read the post, they will reply to your comment offering prompts for you to use to fill your Bingo card. Read the prompts, choose twenty-four (24), and then when you're ready, use the graphics program of your choice to build a bingo card. Just put the prompts you chose in squares, leaving the one in the center open as a free space. On March 1 start writing pieces using the prompts you chose and then post them to your live journal. Your goals are to get a bingo (one line, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) by the end of March, and to fill the entire board by the end of May.

You can write prose, poetry, lyrics, fiction, fan-fiction, even non-fiction! Feel free to use any style, genre, point of view, etc, and even feel free to experiment if you want. This is mostly to just keep in the habit of writing.

The pieces have to be at least 100 words long, and each piece can only fill one prompt. So you'll need to write at least 24 seperate pieces.

You have to post a link with a picture of your bingo card before you start posting your pieces.

Also, to keep things interesting, and to challenge us to write more consistently (rather than doing five pieces in March and nineteen on May 31) I will be offering challenges occasionally. The challenges are optional, will vary, and involve writing at least one prompt. Each challenge will also have a reward attatched to it. If you fulfill the challenge during the week it is offered, you will get the reward.

To claim Bingo, fill any one (1) horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, between midnight March 1 (in your time zone), and 11:59 March 31 (in your time zone). To claim blackout fill out the entire board by 11:59 May 31 (in your time zone). Further instructions on claiming bingo and blackout will be explained in the claims post I'll set up for each.

Well, that's it for now. I'll post the sign up sheet on Sunday, and hope to hear from you!

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My year in review.

It has been a year of ups and downs for me.  A few things stand out.  I got a job!  Then later I got a job that PAID! :D  I didn't get my update done like I resolved last January, but I did get a lot of writing done, and I have a working outline to get the update out soon!

I got Myshuno done before midnight this year!  My claim thread is here if you want to check out any of the pieces.  I also tagged every Myshuno piece with Myshuno 2014 so it should be easy to find if you use that.

One of those pieces is a long short story.  I also posted two pieces of another story about Dina Caliente and Michael Bachelor and

So I did do a lot this year, just not what I had planned.  Let's see what next year has in store for us!